Playful Learning: Backyard Science Investigations

Backyard Science Investigations I


Playful Learning: Backyard Investigator Jr.Ages 4 to 10

The Universe provides parents with unlimited opportunities for connecting and growing with their children. Whether you are examining a grain of sand, veins on a leaf, or the parts of a flower—all it takes is time spent together in the great outdoors and an attitude of inquiry to make the world come alive with infinite possibilities for discovery.

Children are naturally curious. The goal for parents and teachers is to transform their questions into meaningful life lessons.

In Backyard Science Investigations we explore how to turn our own backyards into exciting outdoor learning experiences.

Participants will have the opportunity to earn the Backyard Investigations Junior digital badge.

Product Description

Backyard Science Investigations comes with a variety of outdoor science explorations, which include video introductions (kids teaching kids) and all of the printables needed to complete each activity in your own backyard.

Activities Include:

  • Introduction to the Scientific Method
  • Colors in Nature
  • Sounds Maps
  • The Rhythm of the Day

In this eCourse we will come together from all over the world for the purpose of awakening a sense of enthusiasm within the children in our lives about science and the natural world.

By sharing what we discover in our own backyards in the community gallery, our children will be able to experience firsthand how wildlife, climate, and geographic landscapes differ across the globe. Through this eCourse we have the potential to create an eye-opening experience for our children that will have many lasting positive effects.

I look forward to “seeing” you there!

4.50 out of 5

2 reviews for Backyard Science Investigations I

  1. 4 out of 5


    Yet another well designed, thoughtfully crafted e-course! The topics are diverse, encouraging a well-rounded exploration of one’s surrounding environment. Creating future stewards for protecting our environment begins in one’s own backyard and this course is a wonderful tool to get started doing just that!

  2. 5 out of 5


    My kids have been interested in learning and exploring since they were little but lately we haven’t been doing much of it – life has a way of getting busy! I loved the videos and presentation of the Playful Learning courses so decided to take Mariah up on her offer to try some out. I chose the Backyard Science course as it seemed right up my boys’ alley. Since its been terribly hot I decided to make a day of it exploring at the beach. All it took was the special box packed with exploring equipment to get my boys fired up about the worksheets. They’re eleven and seven. They were excited to see the binoculars and the compass. There were lots of lively discussions and we really had a cool day! Hope to do more exploring and learning at the river next time.

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