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Peacemakers: Finding & Making Peace


Ages 4 to 104

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I believe that people often teach, what they need to learn most, and as it turns out this was true for me and my family. In Be a Peacemaker we share our favorite techniques for dealing with stress and are excited about all of the amazing ways that participants will find peace within themselves and spread peace in the world.

Participants will have the opportunity to earn the Peacemaker digital badge.

Product Description

How can we help our children feel safe, happy, and productive in an unpredictable world? As our children get older, it is harder and harder to shelter them from the uncertainties and realities of the world. Throw in the everyday stresses and strains that our over-scheduled, heavily tested, and generally exhausted children experience—and it is no wonder why our children sometimes melt down, feel anxious, and are easily distracted.

Current brain research shows that when people are experiencing stress, certain parts of the brain shuts down and meaningful learning in inhibited.

Since the filming we have been noticing as a family when one of us is approaching a situation with a “glass half empty” point of view and appreciate when someone sees the “half fullness” of everyday situations. That language alone has made a big difference in the little and big stresses that arise in our lives. On a personal note, I appreciate the gentle nudges I now receive from my daughters when they notice that I am feeling stressed and suggest a few techniques to help me relax and find my own inner peace.

I hope that you and your family enjoy these valuable lessons as much as we have!

4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Terrific! Only wish there was more content!

    I love the information and the printables, my children and I really enjoyed it. I loved it so much that I do wish there was more!! But it was absolutely lovely and I highly recommend it. <3

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