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Starting a Writer’s Notebook I


Ages 6 to 11Notebook Keeper Junior

One of my true loves is teaching writing. What strikes me most is the transformation in attitude that takes place within children as they discover their true voices.

It is important for children to have writing lives outside of school. They need to feel the satisfaction that comes from digging deeper within themselves, looking at the world a bit more closely, and getting their ideas down on paper—without judgement or critique.

Students will become a part of a safe online community where we can share our work and offer each other support and feedback along the way.

When children realize that writing is a medium for communicating their ideas and stories, the possibilities for expression become endless!

Participants will have the opportunity to earn the Notebook Keeper Junior digital badge.

Product Description

For children to develop a productive view of themselves as authors they must engage in meaningful writing experiences.  These experiences must be relevant to their lives and allow them to successfully connect with other people. The writing activities in this eCourse are meant to help young authors develop their sense of voice and enthusiasm for writing. Children will learn how to see themselves as authors and to see the world through the eyes of a writer. Participants will learn a variety of strategies and techniques for generating ideas and producing meaningful writing.

Starting a Writer’s Notebook includes:

  • Video for parents and teachers that provides tips on how to support the writing lives of their children
  • Kid’s video introduction, which sets the tone for understanding the power of writing, seeing the world through the eyes of a writer, and how to use a writer’s notebook as an important tool for collecting and organizing thoughts
  • Kid’s video that talks about choosing a writer’s notebook and how to make it your own
  • A series of video-based writing prompts along with the corresponding printables, which encourage children to generate ideas and write about the things that matter most to them
  • All printables needed to complete the activities

Activities (videos + printables) Include:

  • What is a Writer’s Notebook?
  • Choosing a Writer’s Notebook
  • Things to Write About
  • Heart Map
  • Brainstorming
  • Author Share
5.00 out of 5

3 reviews for Starting a Writer’s Notebook I

  1. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely Wonderful

    Amazingly high quality and much more content than I expected. Each of several videos are well thought out and very interesting — this inspires even the youngest writers to pay attention and learn.

    The exceptional, creative printables guide the young people through the process easily and make for collectibles that will always be a source of pride for themselves, their friends and eventually their own children. I highly recommend this eCourse and the others offered by Playful Learning. Your children cannot get better education anywhere.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Brilliance in the making!

    Initially, I purchased this eLesson for my 8 year old son – who is an avid writer. Admittedly, I have been guilty of focusing on his spelling and grammatical errors when asked to read his writing, meanwhile, I have inadvertently discouraged him. Unfortunately, I had been adhering to recommendations from his school teachers.

    This eLesson has emphasised the importance of my child’s creative process and the need for me to back right off.

    The 8 year old engaged in the eLesson with his 4 year old side-kick, I was not expecting Mr 4 to engage & be enthused! We spent today putting together three writers notebooks (one for mama too) and that captivated my boys for 4.5 hours!

    I am so glad that my boys have a creative outlet that is THEIRS, no critique, a place where they can spill their musings.

    Mariah, thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas and methods with us! I am thrilled with the outcome and will recommend this eLesson unreservedly to anyone, big & small.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great way to encourage little writers

    My son quite likes writing but sometimes it can be quite a chore to get him to do some, he learns Japanese at school so English is left up to me to do at home.
    He really liked the videos and especially that they were done with kids presenting, not a bossy teacher :)
    We got a nice notebook and he spent a lot of time decorating it, the prompt sheets have worked really well and he will often fill in a sheet then go on to write a story.
    I am happy that he is happy doing some kind of writing every day and he is happy that I am not nagging! win-win!

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