The Power of Put-Ups: Teaching Kindness


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Product Description

This online class is great for parents and teachers who want to…

  • Nurture positive sibling relationships
  • Teach children how to develop and maintain positive relationships with friends
  • Nurture kindness and respect within their children
  • Develop healthy family/ classroom communication


  1. Emily


    I’d had a horrible afternoon with my 3 boys – 3, 6 and 7. Lots of screaming and unkind words at each other. I was fed up. Thought I would try the put-ups lesson while we had dinner. At first they giggled at all the children in the video but when it came to changing the put-downs in ‘Susie’s Story’ to put-ups, I realised they had got the message. Their put-ups were spot on! We went on to write put-ups for each other and within a few minutes we were all smiling and feeling better about ourselves. The put-ups went on for days after and even now I still have a little pile of put-up paper slips on the writing desk to be used at any time. My boys did wonder why there was only one boy in the video and so many girls, but I guess you have access to a lot more girls than boys Mariah! Thank you so much for a wonderful family changing lesson, and for making it free! Highly recommended.

  2. Fran


    I have used this material both as part of a school-wide bully prevention assembly where we focused on kindness and the power of words, as well as, a classroom guidance lesson. In both cases, the students responded extremely well to the message and we were able to generate a lot of productive discussion. I highly recommend it!

  3. Meg Simond


    My 6 and 8 year old DDs loved this – have watched it on their own initiative more than once and have embraced our new put-up jar for notes that are read out weekly. They give feedback to each other and us (parents) about whether something feels like a put-up or put-down which in turn has really improved our kindness to each other. Thank you for such a wonderful resource.

  4. SLE


    I used this lesson with 2nd grade students at the elementary school I work at. It was extremely relevant for these students and engaged them very well. Having the video as well as the printables was a great way to draw them in and then have them write. After doing this lesson, I have been able to use the put down/up language on a daily basis when problem solving with them. I recommended this to other counselors within my district as well.

  5. Jamie


    We needed to learn to distinguish between Put Ups and Put Downs as well as learn how to put Put Ups into action. Perfect timing as the end of summer is coming and school is coming back into session. We’ll be working on doing Put Ups together every day!

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